About Us

Our Mission and Vision


Providing Affordable and Effective Therapeutic Resources Has Been a Goal of Our Company For Over Twenty Years.

We began as a teeny-tiny company outside of New York City back in the early 1990's. Business at that time was conducted through mail order and also through a small 1,100 sq. foot storefront. As the Internet grew in popularity in the mid-late 1990's, a new way opened up to reach an ever-growing number of customers and the business began to expand.

As growth continued, the need to obtain sufficient warehouse space eventually led us to Virginia (square footage in New York is expensive!). The business was incorporated as Self Help Warehouse, Inc. in late 2003.

To keep up with continued growth, in 2008 the warehouse and headquarters were relocated to Athens, Georgia - a charming and lively college town consistently ranked as one of the most livable small cities in America. We  Athens, Georgia!

Today, Self Help Warehouse, Inc. is one of the leading providers of counseling and therapeutic resources. We supply thousands of products both nationwide and internationally to school districts, hospitals and numerous government and private agencies in the fields of education, healthcare and human services.

Our Company Values:

PASSION and CREATIVITY drive us to find unique products carried exclusively for our customers.

VALUE/QUALITY are deciding factors for every item we carry. We try to offer the best value at the best price and now proudly offer FREE SHIPPING on every item, everyday.

TEAM FOCUS is a collective effort to achieve "service excellence" for our customers. We maintain a dedicated staff to take your order, ship and deliver your package, and resolve any of your questions/concerns.